Created by Brian & John Koncher Contact Next Generation Next Generation Next Generation Next Generation January 1st 1944 Cheltenham,Glos,UK Born: Place: Died: Place: Born: Place: Died: Place: July 6th, 1921 Cheltenham,Glos,UK Sept 12th, 2004 Cheltenham,Glos,UK Nov 29th, 1919 S Wilmington,IL,USA Jan 27th, 2002 Cheltenham,Glos,UK Plot: Plot: Cheltenham Cemetery  Cheltenham Cemetery   2: Arthur Frederick           	1923 3: Dennis  (Twin)             	1925 4: Francis (Twin)              	1925 5: David William              	1931 6: Joyce Violet Christine	1932 1: Hazel Laverne             	1912 2: Stephen Junis             	1914 3: Leona                           	1916 4: Dorothy Joan              	1917 6: Anna Mae                    	1921
Gt granny Hockings house where Frank grew up in the 1920s,30s,40s Franks last day at Dunally School (1996) Iris & Frank wedding (1944.. Sittling Left Agnes Field, Sitting Right Henrietta Field..Left to Right Joyce Lewis, Gwen Field, Frederick Field, Arthur Field,Frank Koncher,Iris Koncher,Unknown,William Field,Charlie Viner,Doris Johnson,Sylvia Leach,Unknown Iris & Frank mermorial bench (Imperial Gardens Cheltenham) Iris looking happy (2003) NO DATA NO DATA NO DATA NO DATA NO DATA Info Info Frank standing on the steps of Morris Post Office after enlisting in the USA army start of WW2 Frank working at the Cheltenham Town Hall